Seeking step-through Bosch-system bike with under-rack battery

Michael Treece

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Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you can help me. My wife and I recently took a bike tour in Belgium on rented bikes. I'm a San Francisco bike commuter, so any two-wheeler under my butt will work. My wife, however, has knee injuries and requires a step-through frame and electric assist. The tour outfit rented us a Velo de Ville commuter bike with a step-through frame and a Bosch drive with the battery mounted below the rack in the rear. She fell in love; that is the configuration she wants. We checked Velo de Ville's website (in German and under construction); we also checked out Kettler and Khalkoff's websites and offerings. It seems that some things in Europe are just not easily found in the USA, and that particular bike configuration is among them. We live in SF, so there's no shortage of bike shops with interesting offerings, and we plan to check them out when we get back (we're still on our vacation); I'd rather not mortgage a kidney trying to import some exotic Euro bike when what I'm looking for is available at home. Does anyone know of a US dealer of electric bikes, Bosch system with rack-mount battery, step-through frame? Failing that, does anyone know what it takes to ship one, and from whom? The heart wants what the heart wants...

Chris Nolte

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The closest you'll come this year is the Felt Sporte step thru. It will start shipping this month. Reach out to they're in your hometown and I think they'll have what you're looking for. I sell many of the same products as them (I'm the owner/operator of, but they're local and great people, so definitely reach out to them. You will see more Bosch powered bikes coming real soon too, much of that info will be available publicly after the two major bike shows in the next month and a half (Eurobike and Interbike). I will edit later to include links, but I'm typing from my phone right now. Glad you recognize quality off the bat though ;) the Bosch system is awesome IMO.