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I am new to electric bikes and i have decided i want a fat bike for my commute. However i don't know much about bikes so i need some help in selecting a good options.

A little information:
  • I am 6'0"
  • My commute is 6 miles each way
  • I way 250lbs and do body building so i can pump pretty good
  • I like a bike that can mount a rack as i normally have 2 bags with me.
  • I prefer a mid-drive engine
  • Prefer a bike that can go more then 20mps
My only real requirements is that it must have a Torque sensor and have the mountain bike look, not a cruiser.
My budget is roughly $3000, i can go a little over, but i would prefer to stay under.

I have looked into the following so far, with the Juggernaut being preferred, but i don't really know if they are good bikes or not:
  1. juggernaut ultra 1000
  2. Rip Current S
  3. Surface604 Boar


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Juiced, bitrix & survace604 all have topics under brand forums. I suggest you read them and decide if you can deal with the problems. Juiced has huge market share, divide # of posts by a large number. I don't know about the other 2. Having a dealer helps resolve problems, but some problems like fork seals, no parts were available. Juiced I know is an internet only bike that does in fact answer the phone some.
From what I know of frame sizing, buy a 20" or larger (stem to seatpost) bike.

rich c

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Be sure to ride a fat bike on that commute to know for sure. My opinion is that a fat bike would make a horrible commuter. Lots of rolling resistance, heavy, and not nimble. Why did you narrow it to a fat bike? For looks or performance? Buy a high speed commuter first, then a fat bike latter to play on. 20mps? If that's miles per second, better get one with a flux capacitor!


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I'm on my third year with a Biktrix Ultra and mainly ride on paths and city streets. The 3.5 inch tires absorb a lot of the rough roads and with the Bafang Ultra, it has all the power you would ever need, Low 30s is easily obtained. Personally, with street conditions, I wouldn't have it any other way. Since I've owned this bike, I can't stand riding skinny tire bikes. Of course, try everything you can before buying.