Selling 2019 Bulls Twenty9 Evo 1 $2700 S/M (Los Angeles, Will Ship)


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Hi EBR community! (editing this post to provide more information):

What's the condition of the bike?
  • Purchased: January 16, 2020
  • Paid $3940.91 (tax included) + $76.54 extras (WTB Slick tires)
  • Retailer: Fly Rides (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Current Mileage: 96 miles
  • Last Tuned: September 9, 2020 at Fly Rides. They told me that the battery has only been charged 1.6 times.

What's Included?
  • Bulls Twenty9 Evo 1, frame size: 46 cm (S/M)
  • Original Charger
  • Original pedals
  • ABUS keys (2x)
  • Two sets of tires
    • WTB Slick Tires
    • Ace of Pace Knobby Tires
  • One spare tube
How was the bike stored?
The bike has been stored in my living room at 50% charge.

Why am I selling?
I thought that having an ebike would get me riding more. I had dreams of riding out in my local trails. But without a riding community and no car rack, it has been hard to start (in fact, this bike has never been on any trails). So that's when I bought the WTB slicks and gave up my on dreams on riding the trails. It got me out for a little bit. I rode the concrete bike paths. But it just never felt right to me. Feeling stuck, I went in a complete opposite direction and bought a single speed steel framed bike on craigslist (the simplest of all bikes!). And that has actually been a joy to ride. I'm riding 4x a week. And I'm down 20lbs in two months! So I have decided to sell the Twenty9 Evo 1.

My wife has noticed the weight loss and she is finally open to riding with me (she doesn't know how to ride a bike). I'm hoping to use the funds from this sale to buy her a bike and gear so we can ride together. But I don't know if she'll be ready for steel frame single speed. Maybe we'll start with something easier to ride.

Payment options?
I can do venmo or cash.

Delivery options?
I can ship. But you, the buyer, will have to pay for boxing and shipping. My local bike shop quoted me $150 to box an ebike. And there will be an additional cost for shipping. If you would like it delivered, then I would need to see payment first. And then you will pay for boxing and shipping once I get a quote.

We can also meet in person. I live near a police station. We can meet in the police station parking lot to do the exchange. There are cameras and cops that will ensure a safe transaction. The parking lot isn't huge. But there is enough space to check out the bike and do the exchange.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe out there and ride everyday!


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