Sena R1 Evo - Intercom while music playing?


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Question for y’all - my wife and i got Sena R1 EVO helmets for Christmas. Tested them today.

When we both have music streaming from our phones to the helmets, how do we intercom to each other? We know that if we both turn mesh intercom on at the same time (via button or voice control), we can speak to each other. But if I’m streaming music from my phone, with mesh intercom off (although we connected earlier), and if my wife is behind me, if she hits her mesh intercom button (or verbally), how do I know to turn mine on so I can receive from her?

I don’t think there is a way for her to speak to me unless I also press my intercom button or say “hey Sena, enable intercom”.

We are thinking perhaps we can do a hand signal, or a horn sound - 3 bell chimes - if I can hear it when I’m ahead of her.

Overall, we like the helmets but concerned about this issue. We don’t want to be on mesh intercom all the time, as we want to listen to music. But we do want intercom to interrupt our music when needed, even if we have to press a button to do so. Just knowing when to do so seems like the key question - wish it beeped or something at me so I would know an intercom was trying to contact me.

Thanks for any thoughts. Much appreciated. My sena motorcycle helmets have a “live intercom” mode where the streaming music pauses when my linked other rider speaks to me, and the music pauses when they stop speaking.

Deacon Blues

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I've thought about getting a two of these helmets for my wife and I, but my main concern is the same as what you're talking about. I listen to music while I ride, but my wife doesn't. Reading the literature I couldn't figure out how she would be able to talk to me, with my music playing.

With my Aftershokz bone conductor headphone I now use I hear a 'beep' sound when someone is trying to phone me. I would think it wouldn't be too difficult for Sena to have a similar function with their intercom system. If not, the helmets would be a waste of money for my wife and I.

I'll be interested if you find a solution.