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Bud Baker

I have been trying to get my settings on my new Falco system on a Catrike Trail, to smooth out motor cycling on and off. My first ride, I noticed there was some on/off cycling over 15 miles. My settings were turn on delay 5, turn off delay 5, torque sensor on 5, speed turn on 30, offset 5, multiplier 7, base current 3. My 15 mile ride yesterday, I changed 2 settings to see if I could smooth out the cycling. I made torque multiplier 12 and offset 10. The motor cycling on and off was worse to the point it was actually slowing me down. I could pedal with higher speed in level zero and as soon as I went to level 1-2 my speed would drop by several MPH. My legs could feel the difference, as in the motor was producing parasitic drag due to cycling. In reviewing all posts about changing settings, this may be be a result of turn on and off delays being set too low. But in my reading all posts here there was never much of a summary of settings which were your sweet spot. I understand each rider and set up is different but I would think seeing a collection of settings with positive results may have a trend value for a starting point. Rakesh's videos help with understanding the interface, but viable numbers remain elusive. I think once I dial it in, it will have stellar performance.
Please consider posting your settings as well as bike frame and your stats.


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Please consider posting your settings as well as bike frame and your stats.

Or maybe not
Hey Bud, I wish I could help you but I dropped my 559 off the back of my carrier at about 65 mph and trashed my motor. Before that, Rakesh had flashed my setup and I didn't get the numbers. He's got my motor at his place for repair. I'll let you know if I find out the settings. Remember, my motor is a 2017. Regards


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I played with mine 3 years ago. haven't a clue what the settings are and even then mine is the 500w.
I don't think there are a lot of folks out there with these that have played with settings much less written them down.