Shea N Encinitas


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He has said earlier (within the last month or 2) that he's not seeing much point to continue posting on the EBR threads since he has his own good ride dialed-in (Haibike) and the conversations are not ones that are particularly interesting to keep him engaged here anymore. He's out riding more and talking/posting less and the shift towards the current discussions (CF bikes) is probably not of interest.


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too bad. I like him and his presence here but after all this is just vapor internet presence...the real world has much more merit. If he is simply checking out to enjoy the real world more then 'thumbs up' .


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@JoePah ive notice that there have been a lot of mini arguments and harsh word tossed around in the last few months also. I really enjoy this forum as it is the only one I've ever been truly active in, mainly because you can really sense the commrodery here. @Shea N Encinitas was spot on in his comments and advice so of course he'll be missed. But for me even if the body of this forum has changed I couldn't see myself not contributing to the cause of cycling and e-bikes.


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Definition: "Camaraderie - mutual friendship and trust among people who spend a lot of time together ". No doubt, that's a good feeling to have.

In the military it is often called "unit integrity". In sports they call it " being part of the team". In another sense, reading between the lines on this specific thread, it can be called "sticking together".

Historically this can be very good and also it can be very bad, as we all know.

Interestingly, most of the people who read forums like this actually don't post at all. They are not "part of the group", they are usually here to seek information; particularly to get a feel for e-bikes, to find out more about e-bikes, either in general or regarding specific models, or to pursue other interests they have relating to e-bikes.

My contention is that a debate about the facts is sometimes very helpful to readers and will not harm camaraderie. Readers deserve a friendly environment - they also deserve the truth. Sometimes it becomes difficult to combine those two when factual errors are pointed out.

For those who think this forum is a little contentious, looking at another e-bike forum, the EBR community is wonderful by comparision! :)


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Definition: "Camaraderie - mutual friendship and trust among people who spend a lot of time together ".
We each have a different "normal" to draw from. I appreciate your gesture, trying to inspire and motivate people to be civil and positive even as they disagree about a topic. Being kind and patient is not always easy but it does engender good will from others and ultimately makes us better people... less prone to misunderstanding and the resulting unhappiness. Worth striving for in my opinion :)