shifter question


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So I bought a used ebike (Biktrix Stunner LT)and am having an issue with the shifter. I can only get the first 3 speeds of the 7 speed bike. I think it is an issue with the shimano shifter... or derailleur, but the question is this... I can just take this to any bike mechanic right? This part of the system is just regular bike stuff and not unique to an ebike right? Thanks, I know a newbie question.


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Yes, the derailleur / shifter is a standard bike part. Most bike shops should be able to handle the repair. It may be something as simple as an adjustment.


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Any regular bike shop can help you adjust the mechanisms. If they will let you, be sure to watch how the tech does it and then you'll know how to adjust it in the future (if you are so inclined).


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I learned how by fiddling with the screws and the tilt of the takeup from the mount until I got what I wanted.
Warning, the take up with the two sprockets on it does bend and fracture. This causes major inhibition of function. I bought my new ones on Amazon.