Shimano Deore XT Pedals

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Just put these on my bike. This whole large flat pedal deal is new to me but I bought the theory behind them and find I like them ... and the theory a lot. When I took them out of the box I was at first concerned about the pegs. They seemed awfully 'sticky uppy'. Seemed too long. Then I saw the little plastic baggy of shorter pegs in the bottom of the box. I hit upon the idea of changing out the pegs on only one side of each pedal. I also color coded the pedal sides by partially blacking out some gray/silver lines on the side with the long pegs so I could be sure at a glance which side I had facing up. Just used magic marker. Eyes are not so strong these days and I have to look hard to distinguish the peg length. With the blacking out of some of the graphics I can know instantaneously. So far just pedaling around on my non powered MTB I prefer the shorter pegs. I'm not sure what shoes I will eventually settle on when my ebike gets here. I may go back to all long pegs or may ditch the long pegs altogether. This whole exercise has been one more coping mechanism helping me deal with the ... WAIT. The godawful wait for my ebike ... which is somewhere out in the vast Pacific ... coming, coming to me.😢


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no matter the pegs some shoes still suck on pegs. like my Shimano sandals and another brand they just slide my regular keens are great got a waterproof pair that went to slide.