Shimano Steps E6100 Error E010


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Greetings to everyone.
Perhaps this problem has already been dealt with and I apologize if I propose it again but reading the replies it is not clear to me.

I had an E010 error.

I saw that there are some posts on the subject but I apologize I don't understand the solution well.

The error occurred when the engine was started. I was pedaling but as I usually do, I don't put pressure on the pedals. In any case, even when stationary and with horizontal pedals, the error appeared. I waited a few minutes and removed and re-installed the battery. mine is a BMC AMP AlpenChallenge Sport. I finished the tour with no more problems. Reading the posts it seems that this type of error depends on the torque sensor or on a bad connection between battery and engine or on the engine connectors. I have never taken the water with the bike and every time I charge the battery but without removing it. Could it have been the vibrations that made the battery and battery holder unstable? thank you