Shimao Nexus 7

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I have had the Kalkhoff Agattu 7 now for about a year and have
around 3800 miles on it. My problem is with the Shimano Nexus 7.
The gears 5 and 7 slip, especially 5. I have had it adjusted at a bike shop
to no avail. I think I might just have a bad gear box. Any one else have any
problems with the Shimano? It is under a two year warranty, but the shop where
I bought it is a long ways away.


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@Mark Sorry, no help with the gears... but, am wondering if you like your Agattu 7? Any other issues? I am looking to purchase one and can't find any reviews specific to the 7. Thanks.
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Do you know if your local shop replaced the shifter cable? If the Nexus system alignement markers constantly move out of alignement and / or causes issues throughout the shift then a new cable is required. Use the best shifter cable as cheap one's do stretch slightly and cause issues. Expensive one's cost $3-4 more so totally worth the money.

If cable was not the issue, would love to know what the issue was.