Shipping Batteries From US to Europe and Back


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Terry and I will be making one more trip to her homeland (Austria, Czech Republic) to ride the countryside this June. We'll be arriving in Amsterdam and traveling across Germany to visit her cousin, to Saltzburg/Halstatt/Donau, to her cousins in the Czech Republic (Mraktin near Telc), back to Germany, and finally back to Amsterdam for the flight home.

I'm getting older and find myself not as strong as before, so will be more comfortable with a Bafang on my QNT trike, and Terry will be riding a Tern S2 . Terry and I have always been able to switch back and forth between trikes/bikes and the Tern will be our workhorse.

While the trike/bike will ship easily, the 500w batteries MUST be shipped by ground.
  • Has anyone here actually shipped their batteries by ground both ways?

  • Who did you use to receive the shipment in Europe?

  • What was the timeframe from shipping till they received the batteries?

  • Were there any issues?
We've already shipped items back from Europe using UPS. It's finding a place to ship the batteries to and the timeframe that may be the issue.


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