Shipping Lectric XP

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I'm 114xx I was told by lectric today that they were working through the weekend to get orders out. My question to them was how is it that people with order dates after mine had shipping confirmation. The response was that variables such as color, accessories and multiple bikes could be the issue. I wrote back and said I didn't realize I would be penalized for buying 2 but if that was the case send me whatever color you have, keep the accessories ie panniers I purchased I would chock it up as lesson learned. After I eliminated any of there flimsy excuses they responded with. We will ship your bikes as soon as we can we are excited you are riding. Another response from me with no reply. No surprise...


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Well I wasn't going to get to wound up about it at first but now I would really like fort me l my bike to ship. I'm getting this for my wife and wanted to have it by Memorial day but that's not going to happen. While I was waiting I ordered a Rize Leisure and it has already came in and I've already rode it for a 100 miles. I almost bought their version of the XP as it was in stock but decided to wait. Their bike showed up in less than 5 days.
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Hopefully tomorrow I see that tracking number for my xp I no with the holiday today they prop won't be shipping today. am just ready to start riding while the weather last here in Bismarck Nd stay healthy everyone and be safe. Ordered 4/23


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Fedex had my bike expected for delivery this friday...just checked again and i should have my black xp today!! 😀 phoenix to chicago in 4 days


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Ordered my black XP in early April. Got shipping info for Fedex then switched to UPS about two weeks ago. The bike made it from CA to MA/CT in about 6 days and was supposed to be delivered last Friday. UPS truck came to my house but did not leave anything and then tracking shows as "In Transit" with no delivery date. I went over to UPS first thing this morning to see if I could pick it up and they can't seem to find the package. It seems that the local hub is a mess with all the shipping going on with people ordering stuff while at home. I hope they find it soon!