Shocke Bikes Spark


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I backed the Shocke Bike Spark on Kickstarter.
I love that they included the rack, fenders, mud flaps, and the most solid kickstand I've ever seen.
I rode it the 13.3 miles to work on Wednesday. On the way back there is a spot where I had to slow down to nothing because of people on the path and the sharp turn - right in front of a very steep hill - which I was able to throttle up.
I have a very hilly commute. I weigh about 130. It easily got me the 13.3 miles to work and back with enough juice left over that I spent the last hour showing it to a friend and his wife. We commented on how incredibly quiet it is.

Tara D.

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That's great! I checked out the bike online so I could see how it looks and it is pretty slick. I am right there with you that I like that it comes with all those great accessories that you have to buy separately with most other bikes, and a decent price! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the commute, keep riding!
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