Short riders on Propella

jonny boy

New Member

I am in the marginal spectrum for the Propella sizing, at 5'4", and my inseam is shorter than usual even at that height, 27.5". Anyone with real world experience on this end of the spectrum? I received some more numbers from customer service, and I think this bike is basically generally about 1" bigger than an old Bianchi hardtail I ride: 1 inch longer effective top tube; 1" longer chainstay. It surprises me that a 19" seat tube can offer so much standover clearance - maybe the BB drop is larger, or maybe the seat tube angle is shallower? I also caught an older review video here where the test driver's mom, at 5'3", throws a leg over and she has clearance, so I think I am in the clear.

I am a pretty aggressive rider and will be using this mainly for commuting, and my main motivation is to just take off some of the effort so that I don't have to shower after a 4 mile commute. I am less concerned about comfort and upright, and more concerned about bike weight and ride.