Shorter adult: 750W Bafang, step-through, mid-drive, suspension fork


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I'm trying to identify a good bike for my mother for Christmas. She used to cycle--particularly mountain biking--a lot but gave it all up when she was taking care of my father. She used to ride a small adult's frame. Her pants inseam is self-reported at 24.5"-25". She has a comfortable pair of pants that go below her ankle at 26.5". She's not so flexible any more and can only reasonably do a step-through now. I can try to get more numbers if they matter.

I have made it kind of hard for myself to identify a good bike due to imposing a lot of requirements. So I come here for help. I have my motivations for most things:
1. A 750W Bafang motor would be in the same league as the other electric bikes we have so I will find it easier to have to deal with their maintenance. Our other bikes are also high-wattage and I want her to be able to keep up. I would prefer Bafang out of consistency too.
2. The frame must be step-through. She needs to be able to comfortably mount it and stand over it at traffic lights.
3. Mid-drive: Consistent with my other bikes and I don't have to juggle maintaining rear-hub with everything else.
4. Suspension fork: Our bike lanes are inconsistent and I expect she'll have to hobble over grass. Then I expect her to quietly show her wild streak and take it offroad.
5. Fat tire lower priority: Similarly this puts us in line with my other bikes but I am far less committed to this. A fat tire raises the bike so it works against me when it comes to a comfortable height. I think anything with 24" fat tires is a no-go. I suspect 20" might work.
6. Battery: Not mentioned but I think it needs at least 10Ah. I would prefer 15+Ah. The battery should be removeable.
7. Rear rack for panniers. I expect her to run errands with it.

I'd also prefer to avoid a folding frame and an electric bike that doesn't look much like a conventional bike. I know that a lot of folding frames have smaller tires.

I want to keep my budget under $2999. So, more like $2700 in the US.

Things I've looked at:
My personal bike is a Bolton Foxbat. They just announced a step-through frame but it's too tall. Their alternatives are folding models. I already asked them about it. I also considered a Dost Drop but it's also too tall.


Check out the Dost bikes. They have a 750 watt bafang mid drive. They have a step through with a front suspension. They offer a dual battery if you want another battery at a 50 percent discount which is pretty cool. The only bummer with those bikes is that they use a cadence sensor I believe.



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Liv amite E+ comes in a xtra small frame and has a yamaha mid drive. These are reputed to be very natural to ride. The 2020 version was $2600 when i checked, but I think they were telling me the factory didn't have any more xtra small. they said check your local retailer, but no retailer anywhere stocks extra small anything. I had to order my small bike from 2500 miles away & hope it fit. (it did, sort of).


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Good Lord, buy a "Maxfoot" cruiser they have a step through 750 watt cruiser for around $1300 and the Bafang hub drive feeds off a 26 amp controller it will pull you through,why do you think hub drives have more maintenance?( around 13 Ah with 180 mm rotors,, they even have a nice trike for around $2300 it will work( how about a Purple paint job?)