Should I buy an electric bike?


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Has anyone on here know or have any experience dealing with dave@hybikes? I saw one on there I was thinking of getting but I have seen quite a few negative reviews on their bikes. They only offer a 7 or 12 day return policy which worries me and they do offer easy financing in which they say after you make either a 600 or 800 dollar deposit depending on the bike you order.that then you only pay 100 dollars a month with no interest and no credit check. This to me almost sounds too good to be true but at the same time I really want to get one this summer and the payment plan would work for me I just do not want the bike to break down and have my deposit gone,thanks for any info on this company!

Shea N Encinitas

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Looks like more of an electric moped type of shop than your typical e-bike product line. I think any return of an e-bike is being generous, they are easy to abuse. No interest financing deals typical mean you are paying full retail or higher than market values, but hey if it gets you to your job it may be worth it (especially if your credit is limited). Too bad hybikes does not sell haibikes! Sorry I have no direct experience, you may have to weigh the reviews and decide for yourself, after a test ride of course. -S

Ann M.

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Hybikes are mostly SLA powered first generation hub motor style ebikes; very classic Chinese scooter bikes. The lithium version does look a little more like an ebike. Even with the financing option, do you have a local place for service? There are so many great options in the $1300-1500 range (total cost with a lithium battery) that a $800 downpayment on a 48V Lead acid powered system seems a bit much. And don't forget. no matter what anyone at Hybike may say, Lead Acid batteries in packs like these only have about 2 year life span at best and then you have to face the cost of replacing 4- 12V batteries inside the pack, not that cheap (avg. price per battery approx. $40-45 each for a decent SLA with a warranty so total cost $160-200 with labor) It really depends on how well you care for the batteries and how close to empty you run them. Have you spoken to other Ebike shops? There are other financing options, Time Payments and other companies offer products that bike shops can use for very flexible financing on an ebike purchase. Consider approaching it from that angle--and that may open up other choices so you don't feel wedged into this one brand.


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Lead-acid battery. Fringe brand. No real support. It doesn't add up.

+100 to what Ann said, above.