Should it be legal for kids to ride ebikes?


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Y. O.
I say go for it!
As a youngin'... by my house we had a very steep and long hill and at 7 - 8 years old we were riding a big wheel down it through a few stop signs.
Other than one of my friends flying through a hedge row at one ever really got hurt. And this was way before anyone had ever seen a helmet.
Then there were bicycles, skate boards and mini_bikes. I say natural selection needs a little assistance in this day and age of over protection 🙃
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In my state, no one under 16 is allowed to ride an e-bike yet is legal to sell child size e-bikes. I see many youngsters riding the trails I frequent. I've seen many families with small children riding their e-bikes together. Most ride responsibly and I see no problem with their doing so. According to my LBS, there is no enforcement of this law whatsoever. I do have a problem with any law that can't or won't be enforced. I suspect this age 16 limit law is only on the books for legal reasons.


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Well, my crowd was riding mini bikes and dirt bikes when we were 7-8 yrs old, and unsupervised by the time we were maybe 10, and I had my first snowmobile at 12 that I rode to school and all over the back woods, so I can't see a reason to limit ebikes. Obviously the parents have a responsibility to ensure the bike fits, the kids are trained and reasonably responsible, and you aren't giving them a 1000w class 3, but to blanket rule it doesn't sit well with me.
We were doing the same riding mini bikes and motorcycles when we were preteens and unfortunately, much of the time without helmets. I don't think I mentioned that part to my kids!


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In my state, MD, there is no age limit for class1 and 2 e bikes. For class 3 e bikes you have to be at least 16. I think that is reasonable. My 17 year old son has a Ride1up 500. He also has a DL and has good judgment. He does not ride above 20 mph and often rides his e bike with no assistance. He can ride it to school, rather than take the bus, if they re-open in person school in my County. He would need a good lock and an alarm.


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I remember in Japan the motor power is limited to 200W, is that the reason they allow children to ride an e-bike?
but I definitely reject my daughter ride an e-bike, until she's 12.