Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!


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Success! On the far side of the creek, looking back. The dark part of the water (if you look straight across) is very deep, even for a car. It is generally trucks that will use this road, and horses (fairly recently, too, judging by the fresh imprint of shod hooves on the road). My route was to hug the embankment to the right where the creek bed was shallow until I reached a shoal (out of view of this shot) and work my way across. Having a carbon belt drive meant I wasn't worried about a chain or derailleur getting wet.
@Readytoride, I enjoy your pics. I grew up in Great Falls, lived in Leesburg before moving to FL in 2009, and once lived in Purcellville. I do miss the beautiful country...

When I was a small kid there was a ford (creek crossing) in Sterling, VA, and sometimes I could get my father to detour through it on the way to McDonald’s. Very was cool to see the one you posted...


Alright, so off we go again! Temps on the right side of freezing today on Jan 1, so a short one down along the Erie Canal and the Hudson River on the bike paths. A drab day at first, but nice to get out of the gate right away for the new year. No snow forecast in the next week so maybe I can get a few rides in. Some rain expected, though.
The old Towpath along the Erie Canal makes for a great casual ride, and you can go for forever, 360' miles worth. I'm near it also except opposite end of State. I do the paths around Tonawanda where the canal enters Niagara River and then Lake Erie and then up to Lockport and beyond. Have a Rails-to-Trails path near the house and that ties into canal path. One of my favorite pedals during warmer months.

I will say I envy your proximity to the ADK North Country.


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no too many places for me to ride that are cool as I am in the middle of the city. but I finally head out on this really long path and t had some interesting views. it had been raining off and on most of the day though most of the ride was just sprinkles. about 42 degrees. palmball road what a strange name. but I also saw a touchdown lane.


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Hey Bill, welcome to the club. I did the whole thing in the Fall of 2017 on my Trek XM700 that I had at the time, it was a great trip. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle sometime.

Your end is really nice, from Tonawanda all the way out past Fairport, I’d say. And all the singletrack woods stuff in the middle of the state is pretty good, too. It really is a hell of a trip.


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I got a bonus ride today, yet another 50 miler which means I have already covered 203 miles in January :eek: I know my luck will run out soon but I'm taking every opportunity to get out there! There was a lot of black ice around at first so I had to stick to the main gritted roads which meant I had to share the roads with the crazy truck drivers....I survived though so all good ;)



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Another 50 miler in the bag today, when I woke it was raining heavily so I feared I might miss out today! The forecast was showing light showers at first (yeah right) and a possibilty of heavy showers in the afternoon, I decided to ignore the forecast and look at the sky to decide which direction was best! East was looking good and with a brisk westerly wind behind me I was flying along, all the time I was keeping an eye out for the dark clouds which were mainly to the south, so it was time to head north!

The sky was now clearing nicely so I was really enjoying myself, eventually I had to head west so that meant I was heading into that brisk headwind! This was really eating up my battery power but for the most part it was pretty flat! I could see some nasty black clouds in the distance and feared I might be getting wet...

As I turned to the south I could feel spots of rain hitting my face , actually it was hailstones and they were hurting! Luckily I had just caught the edge of the hail storm and I was soon back in to clearish skies! Looking to the distance I could see more dark clouds which looked like they were circling my home town! The closer I got to home the darker it got, I was sure I was going to get soaked! Thankfully the wind had turned to the south west and it blew the rain clouds away which made me very happy :D

When I got home my bike was filthy so I gave it a thorough wash and 10 minutes after I finished the heavens opened, it was my lucky day for sure😁 5 rides now completed in January with a total of 253 miles, not a bad start to the year:) That's now 12 consecutive 50 milers, no doubt the sequence will end soon ;)


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Another good day before the snowstorm coming this weekend... let's grab a friend and head for the Saratoga Battlefield again! This one is from the British position guarding Burgoyne's headquarters encampment in Fall 1777. That's the Hudson River flowing south, picture looking north towards Schuylerville. This was the battle that changed the course of the war, largely due to the failure of the British in New York City to send expected support troops up to Burgoyne.

It was about 35 degrees today, Chris is a tough guy with the shorts. He was on his Specialized Stumpjumper acoustic mountain bike, and other than the hills, I had a hell of a time keeping up with him!


That's Vermont over there past that mountain.

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Meet my favourite touring buddy, the Lovelec Diadem e-bike. While I love riding out my Vado 5.0 for fast trips, for example to drop in to some friends in Warsaw for a coffee, I prefer Lovelec for longer rides as it feels more "acoustic", requires more pedalling effort but has far better range than the Specialized e-bike. I made Lovelec winter-ready but luckily it is still not snowing. I looked through the window, at the termometer... +10 C, sunshine, though windy? Riding out now!


Somewhere in the rural part of Mazovia, the central region of Poland. Mazovia is as flat as a pancake.

The route consisted mostly of perfect new asphalt, some damaged blacktop and perhaps 2-3 unpaved roads. That one was bad, you see rocks projecting from the soil. Bad on tyres! The green in the background are winter crops.

Taking a deserved rest at the Borough Office in Baranów. There was a very strong headwind on the outward trip, compensated with pleasant tailwind on the way back. The three flags are: the flag of the borough (it is a ram, from the name of the village), Polish flag and the flag of European Union. Hard to get them in focus with a DSLR though 😊 I can also tell you I was sweating a little.

If no wind, I would be riding everyday.

I found out the handlebars were at wrong angle so I spent a lot of time fixing it and the display mount too 4 km after I set off for the trip, still in my town of Brwinów.
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5-6°C (42°F) this afternoon and forecast promised no rain so I went for a ride.
Started late as usual but managed to get to the Specialized Concept store before closing time ( 3 pm) to have a look at the Creo Evo. Can’t afford it but dreaming is free and I will test ride it later this spring.
Went to check out some parts for a computer I’m planning to build and then continued my ride though it was already getting dark.

30km today, mostly east of central Stockholm. There was a little rain on my way out and on also riding through town on my way home but not much to worry about. Pictures taken in the red circled area.

44240 44241 44242 44243 44244
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A 43.5 km ride to see my daughter. Now, that was cold! The temperature on the return way was 3 C (37 F) and nasty upwind on the outward route. That was the first time I regretted not having bought true winter gloves yet and I think I should start wearing my "arctic" shoes. There is no doubt, my touring e-bike is not missing any proper lighting :DThe Knog Road Blinder R70 (rear) set to only 2 LEDs and CatEye 1700 just in the lowest beam setting yet (before it was dark and before I was zooming through the rural area).

On the outward route I was using all possible dedicated bike lanes I could find (mid assistance level) but as it was getting dark fast, I took the return route through villages with Turbo mode on. During the current weather I prefer riding my Lovelec to Vado, as the former has far better battery range. Besides, Lovelec as "a normal e-bike" allows using bike lanes while Vado 5.0 can only be ridden on public roads.

Smartphone photos were taken at my favourite stop in Tłuste. The name translates to "Fat (Place)", and it makes me amused any time I'm there.



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Another icy start to the day so I waited patiently for it to melt and thankfully it did, I made a mistake by taking to the back roads though and quickly realised it was a day for the main gritted roads! Another enjoyable 50 mile ride which takes my 2020 total to 303 miles, I never expected January to be so fruitful :D Not the most scenic ride today but just getting out at this time of year is a bonus!


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Sunny, sunny day! Yes, 2 degrees Celsius, westerly 18 km/h wind, so what? I spent a small fortune on proper winter clothing so let's use that! Especially with my new "arctic" gloves and of course sun-protecting goggles.

It was an extremely nice ride on my Vado, limited to 35 km for range anxiety (the battery was charged at 82% when I started). I passed two local craft beer breweries (Artezan in Błonie and Jabeerwocky in Domaniewek) -- @Browneye, do you hear me? :D Jabeerwocky is still under construction. Unluckily, with my newly developed diabetes I can hardly drink any beer so I did not stop on my route there.


It looks as if I operated a tractor. In fact, it is a bus stop. The poster behind me is about a local meeting "How to get a UE grant for solar panels", hehe.


Taking a rest at a village store. Such stores are not very impressive in Poland but they accept your debit or credit cards and you'll always find what you need for refreshments there .Note that my Vado is fastened with a Kryptonite Keeper U-lock. We live in rather quiet and safe neighbourhood but you never know. A couple of days ago a guy stole a Specialized Turbo Levo on a demo ride in Warsaw... The bike was later recovered by the police.

Strava crashed on the ride and Endomondo didn't Auto-stop. Luckily the BLOKS display works OK.

Note the rider's output in kcal is calculated a way more correctly than poor Endomondo does. Note, actual ride time was 1:30. One minute was spent to bring the bike down to the garage and take pictures.


Updated Endomondo stats. Strava badly crashed.
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