Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

steve mercier

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magnesium alloy from what the specs say, I've had broken spokes before. It was no fun. In fact, one of the nipples ended up in the rim. Thats why I ended up buying the mag wheel version.the one in this photo was a previous one i had.
What is that , a double horn on the handlebars? Yeah I had the same problem, broken spokes suck. I would really want those mag wheels on any rear hub motor bike.


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As a Canuck, I agree.
I will add this though. During the last General Election. The BBC decided to cover it every evening at 6.30pm half hour programme presented from DC by Katy Kay. It ran from the Summer months up to inauguration day. So many folks (like me) were so fascinated the Beeb decided to extend the programme, calling it "1st 100 Days" And that was going to be it. Again so much 'difference' happened under Trump, during those first 3 months. The BBC decided to stay with it. The programme now called "Beyond 100 Days" is still going strong and now covering November's election and everything that has happened since. As for me? Well I have the recorder set from Mon to Thursday (6.30pm) I don't think I could be surprised anymore?

Ps. I now have a subscription to the Wash Post. I find US politics sooooooooo different to our Parliamentary system. And the characters involved.
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Hmmmm, I'm being lazy and weak waiting for the temps to get into the 30 degree range. Then I will go for a walk. Might go for a ride when 40 degrees is reached. I looked up the 10 day forecast and see shorts wearing weather is predicted for next week. That would be 50 degree weather. Can't wait!