Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!


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I wish I had some of that snow today because it is going to be +100 degrees today in ABQ. Being able to ride at 18-22 mph on my ebike to cool me off is the only way I could bike commute in those types of summer time temps.

Saratoga Dave

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That Westchester trail looks like a very nice run, Mark! I gotta come down from Saratoga County sometime and ride that.

Have you ridden the Hudson Valley rail trail that goes from Hopewell Junction up to Poughkeepsie and the Walkway Over the Hudson and almost on to New Paltz? They’ve done a great job with that one as well.


I'm starting to see the sun starting to pop over the Sandia mountains during my 5:30am work commute. Some pics I took when I ride the bike bridge next to the I-40 over the Rio Grande River in ABQ, NM (2016 Radrover). Miles of excellent paved, hardpacked, and single track bike trails running north/south along the Rio Grande river. I sometimes take detours in the afternoon and ride those trails before heading up the bridge to ride home. A lot of folks either ride 2-4 mph or walk their bikes up this bridge because of the steep incline. I can ride 10-15 mph up this incline with my Radrover depending on headwind (10-15 mph, gust +20 mph) and heat (+95 degrees most days in summer).

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Can you ride up to Tijeras? If not, what’s the limitation- battery or torque?