SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides


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Same show
I put some more pictures of the first bike in a separate thread adding the history of the bike





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A blue-sky day is unusual in Colorado this year; yesterday was the first day I could get out in two weeks, it's been snowing every two - three days not heavy but persistent and the cold cloudy days mean there's been a layer of ice left on roads and paths in places and I'm ultra cautious.

But oh my was Friday wonderful. Light breeze, clear sky, Winter snow still melting along the banks of the river packed with birds, enough snowmelt higher up to swell the river above its usual rumor, running clear and cold. We nudged into the 50s and I left a layer of clothes at home. Birders and fisherfolk shared the path with bikers and joggers, but there weren't many of us out and about early. Glad I was.