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Took a friend to a local IBD to test ride an Elite. He indicated that the bike has a momentary shudder when the motor kicks in. I have ridden Stromers in the past and don't remember this. Is this normal or a problem with this particular bike?


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Shudder is the wrong way to describe it. But at very low speed, the motor can be rough, especially when it's doing most of the work. It's still working, but it's not buttery smooth.


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I have something similar on the ST1 - whenever bottoming a hill and starting back up the pickup is not smooth. There is a slight delay (maybe 3 seconds) before the motor fully kicks in.


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Almost all Stromers I have experienced shudder at 9-12 mph area, more a motor vibration (some more than others). There is delay on my st1 after I use the rear brake(disengages the electronics) and start pedaling again for the power to come in, not a shudder just feel the like a switch turned on, maybe the brake is dragging ? probably not but a guess