Side-by-side tandem recumbent ebicycle with twin trailer setup - thought I had seen it all...


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So the other day in town, I saw the ultimate family rig roll by. Didn't get a photo (and wouldn't post someone without their permission anyway), but it was basically a side by side recumbent, with a twin trailer setup for the kids. Off one side of the rear was a typical tag along for the older child, and off the other side was a dual-child trailer. Whole rig had the footprint of a compact hatchback car, but probably the closest you could get for practical "Flintstone" family transportation! lol

I can't imaging how hard it is to back out of a tight spot though? :-D

Pics for example:



I have no idea who made it. Anybody know where they are produced?


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Sorry but that'll make other cyclists mad lol.

It's already sometimes hard enough for me to pass other cyclists in the bike trail as some trail path can be quite narrow. I can't imagine passing that one.
It will extra hard especially during busy times and joggers, walkers, skateboarders and other cyclists are around.