Side mirrors for RadMini

Doug Edwards

New Member
Hello all. Just got 2 Hafny Bar End Bike Mirrors from Amazon. Only had them for a day, but so far they have been working great. They fit perfectly in the end of the handlebars. So much better than twisting back to take a quick peek. I put them on both sides, and I think they are both needed, at least how I have them mounted. Depending on conditions, I will see traffic in either the left or right mirror. The reflective part is metal, so no issues with glass breaking. I've not noticed any blurry vibrations going on either.


Didn't you have to cut off the end of the nice grips that came with the bike? I like the grips, so I went another route and just mounted a zefal spy easymount anywhere mirror. I mounted under the handlebar on the left. Tiny little thing but does the job.