Single Speed BBSHD


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An old Trek bicycle I converted to my commuter e-bike.
BBSHD, Single speed, 19 rear cog, 46 front, no rear brake, no gear sensor, no e-brake sensor, no throttle.
I have it set to only 3 assist levels.
So far 475 miles with absolutely no problems.
Front brake stops me with no problems and the battery weight in the back of the bike prevents any kind of jumping problems even when emergency stopping from 30 mph.
The custom orange rack in back holds my laptop/lunch backpack.
I wanted a clean setup with minimal wires.


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Thomas Jaszewski

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I'd be checking temps on that. I am finishing a 38T x 22T it's fast enough and I expect less heat. I really wanted to run a 30T but the chain line was really bad. The motors have thermistors but I can't sort how they feedback. I may use the Grin CA3 and thermistor to monitor. But I have a gear, pinion and pinion plate ready in case. Please keep us updated!?
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Hi...i am a new user here. I had Ordered BBSHD black Friday kit from Luna. I also got the DPC-14 and "hot rod" programming. I have installed it on a fat bike I had and seem to max out around 40 kms/h which is roughly 25 mph. What can I to increase this? Came with standard Luna chain ring and 52 v battery.


the BBSHD photo, he has an orange bracket that goes onto the steer tube for his light, just wondering if it's a custom or an aftermarket.