Sizing the Rook


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I'm interested in the Rook and have a question regarding sizing the bike. I am right in between 5'7" and 5'8" depending on shoes, etc. Would you recommend the smaller size frame when ordering or the larger frame. I doubt if I'll be growing any taller in the future. Also how would you compare the Surface Rook to something like the Magnum Metro or Ride 1 Up for service, parts, etc. Seems like the Rook has a lot of upgraded features that the others don't have, such as the torque sensing and hydraulic brakes. Thanks for your responses.

Nova Haibike

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Get the S/M. If you went with the larger size there is a strong possibility you would not be able to fit a suspension seatpost if you wanted one.


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I bought the S/M. I have a 30“ inseam, put the Bikeroo comfort seat ( which raises the stem height by about 3”) on and the overall height is good for me. It leaves some room for a suspension seat post possibly later. As an older rider I can barely make the step thru without touching the frame