Skillion Electric FatBike on Indiegogo


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I enjoyed their video, looks like this electric bike has a 3x7 gearset, rear mounted hub motor (350 watt in US and 200 UK and AU), a bunch of colors and a neat custom frame. The guy seems authentic and the price is still very reasonable (a bit more than the Storm / Sondors bike but you also get more features).

the only downside I see is throttle-only operation, not a deal killer for many people and this choice probably reduces complexity. Hope everything works out for them :) Here's their official page: I like that they actually respect UK and AU regulations so people don't end up with a bike that could get them in legal trouble.

George S.

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Two frame sizes. They claim 45 pounds w/o battery. It's an attractive concept. Buy a 'fun' ebike and see what you can do with it. Later on, who knows. Not much to these bikes, for sure. Wonder about the cells in the battery.

It is another of those deals where it looks like they are selling them... but wait... head on over to IGG for the CF experience. Just like buying, only different.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

They do have some details on the website.