Sliding Panniers - How can I stop this?


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I have a Stromer ST1 with a city kit (rack on the back). My panniers clip onto this rack, but can slide forward and backwards a few inches. Is there something I can buy that clamps onto the rack itself to stop the panniers from sliding? When they are all the way forward, my heel hits them when pedaling. I'm sure there is an easy solution to this, but it escapes me at the moment. Thoughts?


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I'm thinking industrial strength velcro. You could glue one side to the rack itself and then glue the other side to the pannier where you want it to be retained from sliding. Industrial strength velcro is available at hardware stores. I keep a package on hand for all kinds of things.


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I would buy or make two sided velcro and tie the back of the bags together with the velcro.

The other way is to position the bags where you want them, mark the rack in front of each clip, remove the bags, then wrap duct tape around the rack at the marks. If you don't like using tap you could use small self tapping screws.


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I have Ortleibs and they have adjustable (sliding) clamps, do yours?what brand do you have?


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binder-clip.jpg You could try binder clips? They come in different sizes and shapes.