Small frame, 24" wheels, throttle available at a stop when PAS is off


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Small frame, 24" wheels, throttle available at a stop when PAS is off

Those are pretty much my only must-have conditions and so far I can't find one. Pedego mini-ceptor requires PAS level 1, every other bike I've seen at that size (reviewed here) either doesn't exist any more or doesn't have throttle or requires PAS or requires you to be going 2 or 4 mph before you can use it. I also want cruiser handlebars for upright seating but I can have that put on by the shop.

My plan is to ride almost 100% like a non-electric bike, using throttle for help with hills, getting off to a quick start if necessary, etc. I'll probably use PAS at times, maybe when riding with others who are in better shape or going up long hills, but so far every bike I've tried has taken me faster than I want or need to go at the moment, even at PAS1.

I'm 5'2" with short legs. I just tried the Blix Komfort+ with 26" wheels today, and while my tippy-toes could read the ground with the saddle at its lowest position, it just felt too big for me. At one point I stopped and didn't think to immediately slide off the seat to get my feet on the ground, and next thing I knew I was tipping over. Thank goodness my husband was there to catch me before I slammed into the ground.

I loved everything else about it. Sigh. I'm thinking my best bet it to just strap blocks to the bottom of my shoes.

Can anyone help? I've looked at all the bikes in the "small people" thread, to no avail. Budget up to $2500.

Thanks -- Barbara


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Oh I forgot to add the bit about my bad knee and upcoming knee surgery. So once I can even get on a bike again, I will probably need the throttle pretty regularly until the healing process is complete. So PAS only really isn't even an option

Also, I might have an opportunity to try the Blix 20" folding bike, so that may be the way I have to go, but I'm afraid on long rides it will get tiresome or uncomfortable. But it might be the best option (other than the wooden blocks ;) ). I've asked about that in the Blix forum.

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Looks like the e-city from Smart Motion is perfect for you. Arriving in May. Or the Elby ( a little higher than your budget though). Both are low step thrus, accommodate short folks, and both have throttles from a full stop. Where are you located?

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Thanks! I actually just (literally about 30 minutes after I posted) found a not-too-distant dealer going out of business that has a new 2016 Raleigh Sprite IE in the XS sized frame for sale at a reduced price. I'm hoping to see it (and possibly/probably) buy it tomorrow, after I call my local Raleigh dealer to confirm they will perform warranty service even though I didn't buy it from them. (Otherwise I'd have to pay $800 more to get a new 2017 model, but I will if I have to.) It has 26" wheels but a commenter in the Petites thread mentioned the XS (13 inches!) frame worked great for his wife, who is even shorter than me, so I am hopeful!

I will look at the models you recommended though in any case. I'm about an hour north of San Francisco.

Thanks again!


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Ah, man - just watched the Izip E3 Vibe Plus review (same bike, I believe) and he mentioned something he didn't mention in the Raleigh Sprite review, namely that PAS has to be on for throttle. AARGH! But I'm going to double-check that. Maybe the CanBus (sp?) system can disable that requirement.


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these are 20 inch bikes and fat but what about the radmini or voltbike mariner
think a lot of people have put smaller tires on them like 2.5 inch wide tires if you dont want a fat bike

i know for sure the radmini does throttle from a stop- with or without pas on
and pretty sure the voltbike does too

know what you mean about the pas - even at level 1 being too fast
that was a big turnoff for me on a lot of bikes also


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Well I decided I really didn't want 20" wheels because I mostly plan to cruise for distances, so I broke down and got the Pedego 24" Step-Through Interceptor after a test ride today. I say I "broke down" because I don't like that the battery and motor are on the back, which makes it back-heavy and unwieldy to wrangle around if I have to wrestle it through a small space. (I'm very out of shape and equally out of practice, so had to get off and walk it through a couple sharp turns on our short route.) The throttle also seemed to go too fast too soon but I'm hoping I'll get better at twisting it "just so". I should have it by this time next week. It is a beautiful lilac color, so that's a nice touch.

My true love was the Blix Komfort+ which cost about $1000 less but which was too big, so I guess I'm paying the short tax, as almost no decent, more affordable bikes fit me. Or I don't fit them. I would probably never have spent this much ($3300 including upgraded battery), but I recently came into a small stock options windfall from a former company of mine that just got bought out, which I decided was going to be the funding source for an ebike purchase.

Interestingly enough, the beautiful multi-page "Pedego Magazine," which has all kinds of graphics showing when throttle is available and when it isn't, is totally wrong. Throttle is always available, even though the book indicated it was not at level 0. (But there was another level that turned off PAS so you could use throttle only.) I guess by the time they printed it they realized that was a dopey design.

Anyway, thanks to you all for your suggestions and recommendations.