Small Planet E-bikes opens in Dallas, TX


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I just bought 2013 Currie Izip Metro E-bike from a brand new dealer (at least to the Dallas area).

Small Planet E-bikes opened a shop just southwest of downtown Dallas (in Oak Cliff, or the Bishop Arts District)

They've been a Colorado company prior to opening this store. I just happened to discover them a day or two ago because I suddenly developed an interest in getting an electric bike after seeing one in a traditional bike shop in the Dallas area.

They carry many different brands (see their website), and they are great people to deal with. I wish them luck in their new venture in the Dallas area. Anybody in the area who's interested in actually trying out multiple styles of electric bikes (as I was) should pay them a visit.


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Awesome! Thanks for the testimonial and heads up about the new location David. I've visited the Colorado shop in Longmont before and really appreciate their service. The owner Tom is very nice and I had heard he was visiting Dallas to work on a new shop, sounds like it's fully operational now :D

The last time I visited they carried Pedego, Yuba, e-Joe, IZIP, eZip, EZ Pedaler, A2B, Hebb and some other niche bikes. Here's a video I shot from the Colorado store with Tom:



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Well, Tom is still here at the Dallas location (delivered my bike yesterday), so maybe it's not "fully" operational yet. Although it sounded like maybe he's considering working here in the winters and up in Colorado during summers. Smart guy.

His son, Lance, is working there, too (also has a roofing business). And another guy (I think his name is Jordan) was there, too . . . he's engaged to one of Tom's granddaughters. Sounds like a family business!


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Here's a video I shot from the Colorado store with Tom:

You know, at 0:40 into that video, you're probably looking at THE bicycle I ended up buying. There's two of the orange Metros there side-by-side, and I'll bet ONE of those made it down to Dallas.


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Cool shop! We don't have anything as extensive like that in Vancouver (as far as I know) Cool that you have somethin like that close by