Smart bms caused complete power loss


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I built a new 14s10p pack and installed a ant 7s to 16s smart bms connected to my Android phone. It was reading 57.6v when I hooked up to my scooter. All was good but noticed no current amp and watt indication when accelerated so I stopped and on main screen press Current Zero and now have no power, no horn headlight nothing. Only other parameter I did on setup was set it to 14s.
I'm not sure if I turned key off when I press current zero. It's fitted with S886 LCD throttle. I put old full charge battery back in, still no good, you would not think it would blow controller, fuse OK,
Any ideas thought I ask before I stripped all my waterproof connections and recconect see if that works


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Y. O.
You will have to troubleshoot and follow the power wires to see where the break is. Check to be sure you have battery output. Follow the wires for a possible inline fuse. If power is reaching the controller, you may have cooked it.