Smartphone Hub - Does it Charge the iPhone or not?


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So, doing some testing, investigating. A few months ago, went for a ride for 3-5 hours. Plugged the iPhoneXR (100% CHARGED) into the Bosch SmartHub. Use the visual display for Cobi interface while riding. Other than the display, not switching between modes, making any calls, etc., just riding with the phone plugged in to the hub.
Towards the end of the ride (hour 4 to 5), I got a low battery alert from the iPhone and it went to reserve power.
Never thought about it until today, as a test I obtained a dedicated iPhone 7 to test. 100%, fully charged, no data plan, just using the Bluetooth connection to the SmatHub. After 1 hour, battery charge on iPhone is down to 73%.
So, the question is:
What is the purpose/function of the lightning cable connection on the side of the Smartphone hub, what is it supposed to do? It's not charging, so?

As per manual:
Power supply for the smartphone (optional)
The smartphone can be supplied with power (5 V/1 A) using a separate USB cable (included with delivery) via the micro-A/B USB port of the Smart- phoneHub. To do this, connect the smartphone to the USB port of the SmartphoneHub using the USB cable.
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