Smiling with E-Rad 750w


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About 2-3 weeks ago I purchase a Specialized Fuse 27.5+ bike and had a E-Rad 750w install by Bend Electric Bikes here in Oregon. I had several phones calls to Chris at Lectric Cycles and Sterling and Sam at Bend Electric Bikes. The bike is all set up and I've been riding it hard on a great local trail.
I am an out of shape guy in my late 40's. I was a hardcore mountain biker back in the 90's but work and family and some hip problems got me off my bike a decade ago. When I lived in Denver I got a 29er and hit the trails but the altitude was rough and my riding was very short and infrequent. I craved step and technically stuff but I just couldn't do it anymore. So the 29er got little use. Now having moved to Bend, Oregon I got the desire back. Thanks to Chris and Sterling I rode 5 out of 7 days Last week!

My first few times I was in PAS 4 and used a lot of throttle. Then I used PAS 3 and a lot of throttle. The last few rides have been PAS 2 mostly and almost no throttle. My point is ...knowing I have the ability to throttle it up a big hill or get home if I bonk has reopened the trials for me. Just because I can use the boost doesn't mean I will. I am getting a great workout but I have some insurance in that 750w.

I think I am destined to ride alone as I am self-conscious of having a big battery and motor - But I am out there riding and doing things that I have missed for years. Yes - I go slow around other bikers and hikers.

Thanks for listening. Thanks Sterling ( & Sam) and Thanks Chris!
~ Phillip


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Good for you Phillip! In time you'll find other ebike riders, a year ago I knew none and now several. When you can post some pics of your ride.