So easy to do something stupid.


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I had been hearing some grinding on the back brake and my headset had a squeak so time for some maintenance. Pulled the back pads out and yep way too worn. so I shifted to the smallest gear to remove the rear wheel and then squeeze the brake lever to stop the wheel. oops. time to bleed the brakes. sometimes your hands and brain stop communicating. I had all the stuff to bleed them but the block to put in the caliper. so I looked online and found the thickness then I made some out of pvc foam. that was a mistake the pistons dented it. it was ok but like duhh I took the easy way rather then making the spacer from acrylic. well it took about 15 pumps to get the brake working again. I measured the rotor for the first time and it needed replaced and went to the shop and found out I goofed on the bleed. I found it was not enough angle on the bike. once I got more angle it worked perfectly. though taking off the caliper may be a better way to go. took the headset apart and bearings were Fine but all the grease was gone from the bottom flange with water sitting there. so I cleaned it up and regressed it. that was pretty easy.
I just got the cheaper Magura rotor as thats what was on it but it was thicker then the last one and almost would not fit with the new pads. it will be a bear to put the wheel back on. so I bought a Shimano disc for the front so it will fit easier had to spend a little more. but I cant complain over 10,000 miles and half of it with metallic pads. but lots of city riding. I remember how rotors used to warp its ice to not have that issue anymore.


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Thats not nearly as stupid as a stunt I polled with a Voltmeter and Lithium Ion battery one time" wonder what the charge is in this here battery, wow I can stick the "prods' in the charging port.,"( Ka-Pop!) what did I just do? Found out it was rather easy to create a "mini-plasma". of course vowed never to be that stupid again, have this hunch, someday, somehow I will exceed the stupidity of this event)


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Been there and done that on motorcycle brakes. I loosely warp around the brake lever with masking tape to help resist the urge to pull the lever when the pads are out.

I'm terrified of getting zapped so I have no idea how to use a volt meter.


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You have described my experience from long ago when I had no clue how to use a multimeter, now days still manage to set the magic smoke free every now and then... fullish old fart that I am still refuse to play by the rules.