So I got all My parts for Vado 4 48T conversion But chain


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The chain I ordered is going to take 3 weeks to get : Only because it's KMC EPT Treated ANTI RUST chain : After I ordered it I found the regular non Treated chain I can get in 2 days : My question is How effective are these treated Chains ? If My bike gets that wet I'd be cleaning it off to prevent rust elsewhere in the first place : The LBS seemed to push the Treated chain : Even though it's not readily Available :

I am wondering is it worth It : It's Listed as KMC 10E EPT The Standard E-bike Chain is KMC 10 E . The price is almost identical so it makes me question if it's that good why isn't it more money then the KMC 10E that doesn't have this process : The answer I got from KMC is that it's meant for people who live nearer to oceans where Salt is Air born : Or if I planned on riding in Snow Slated roads


I’m not seeing any specific claims by KMC (like ASTM B117). Did run across a site with test data for these chains, but it’s behind a pay wall. Most likely, nothing to be concerned with and chains are relatively inexpensive to replace.