So many bikes to choose from. Help!


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I fell in love with e-bikes recently. And am going to buy one. Looking at the 4K range.

I rode the Felt Verza and liked it a lot. Though I heard there are some concerns about the weight in the back. Is this a real concern? Are there other bikes I should consider? Should I wait until 2016 bikes start coming out - I'm not in a rush.

About me, I'm 5'7" and 175 pounds. Looking for a comfortable bike for urban commuting. Maybe some rides with my dog being towed behind in a wagon.

Like the upright handle bars of the Verza and the Bosch motor. Also liked the step thru though not a requirement.

Any thoughts?


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I would say that one key is to find a local shop that you like and buy it there, unless you are pretty handy and willing to address any issues that come up. Ebikes are more complicated than regular bikes and so warranty service is key. That may make more difference to your overall enjoyment than which particular bike you buy.

There are no local shops where I live, so we bought our bikes online. But fortunately, I am pretty handy when it comes to working on bikes and have managed to fix several issues that have come up, thanks also to good warranty service at a distance from the company I bought online from (Magnum).


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Unless you need that very low stepover height, there are better choices. Flexible frame and battery in back are not good characteristics, esp for towing. And that charger looks cheap esp for the price point.. Always try to by an aluminum bodied charger with a fan.. they last longer.

This is a good time of year to buy because dealers are unloading this year's stock and demos. You should get at least 25% off leftover models.

Similar bike but better design imo... Haibike commuter:


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If you're looking for a comfortable ebike to cruise around urban area, upright position, front fork suspension, 500 watt geared rear hub motor, 36v lithium and even comes with fenders and rear rack to carry your dog, consider the Cemoto City Commuter. The price of this bike is incredible!
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)