Socal E-mtb Rides or places to ride?

So I'm looking to see if there are any groups or rides in the grater LA area. I'm looking for people and groups interested in riding within the correct speeds and regulations.

I recently found Chesbro in Calabasas turned me away saying that California State parks don't allow ebikes. Even though I rode there some time ago. Last time I talked with the ranger for about 20 min. They were nice enough about it this time. Yet it may become less friendly as time goes on. So you may want to avoid it. As well I heard rumors have it that if you go to national parks you will give a $5k ticket and they seize your bike. Specifically area's in Orange county. So I want to make sure there are no other places I should avoid. As well to see if there is any suggested places to ride legally.

So I'm also looking to see if anyone wants to ride. I'm based out of Burbank. I'd like to start planning rides maybe every 2 weeks on a weekend.

I ride a modified 15 Haibike amt pro.

Hi Court in case you see this, it's nice to have a chance to visit your website. I no longer work within the industry.


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Hi,pretty sure I've seen some nice videos on you tube of Glendora Canyon. Lots of hikers so keep alert. Very popular with beautiful views of mts .