Software bug reporting ST2


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After full charging the new ST2 battery (only second charging) the display showed
n/a as info on the screen, also no assistance was available (would be a hard ride home)
I had to remove the bat and everything seems ok till now.

Other ST2 riders experienced something like this?


Like any computer, sometimes things happen where it just needs a reboot. This happened with my ST2 in the beginning and may have related to new software being auto downloaded into the bike. There was one update from Stromer this summer that had bad code and could not be fixed with a simple battery pull, but Stromer was on top of it and quickly corrected the problem. The fun part though was conditioning the battery as instructed in the manual by running it to empty and recharging it three times. Making sure I was close to home with 3% to go was the trick. In any event, I now have a very reliable ST2.

John ware

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I've had a similar issue on a rare occasion. It seems to happen when I am attempting to top off a charge (starting at 80% or above) or when I mix up the sequence of connecting the bike to the charger and the charger into the outlet. The fix is as you described, simply remove the battery and reinstall. I follow another posters advice and ALWAYS keep a battery key with me when riding the bike. My recharge process, which is probably bassackwards but seems to work well, is to do as follows.

1. Turn off bike
2. Plug charger into the bike
3. Plug charger into the outlet - charger shows one orange and one green light
4. Wait a few seconds
5. Turn bike on
6. Place bike in lock mode

Once charged - charger shows two steady green lights

1. Unplug from outlet
2. Unplug bike
3. CLOSE charging port on bike

The N/A happens fairly rare, and when it does the fix is quick and easy. I just figure there is something a little dodgy between the charger>battery>controller code that will some day be ironed out in a firmware update.

Which BTW has anyone seen a sign of the alluded to forthcoming firmware update?

Ravi Kempaiah

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I just figure there is something a little dodgy between the charger>battery>controller code that will some day be ironed out in a firmware update.

I have come to the same conclusion. While I appreciate the smoothness of power delivery from the controller. It still have minor quirks waiting to be ironed out.

Deleted member 803

I was told to make sure the bike is in the off position, not lock mode. However, whatever works.


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1,000 miles and zero issues or glitches of any kind, here. Come to think of it, Ive never removed the batt.


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I have all of a sudden been experiencing the N/A issue as well on my ST2. The last week and a half it's been a daily thing. As mentioned above I too make sure to always have a key close by to remove the battery and all is fixed. I have also been having issues where it will only charge to 75% and not beyond. Went to my bike shop and swapped batteries with their demo bike battery to see if it's just a battery issue. I will ride with the demo battery for a few days and see.

I am glad to know I am not the only one with the N/A issue.

Is there a proper procedure for charging... is it bad to plug it in while on? Should it be turned off first? I almost feel as if the auto-locking feature is causing some of the issues as well but I am not sure.