Solar electric bakfiets

solar bakfiets

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Hello all,

My name is Dirk and i'm planning on converting a bakfiets(cargo bike) to a electric assisted one.
I'm from the Netherlands near Enschede.
p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg p4.jpg

Because there is a lot of space and its cool i want to incorporate a 80W solar panel and multiple lead acid batteries in the design to achieve a long range.

The big question is what type of motor to use.
I'm thinking of using a 750 W Bafang BBS02 48V mid drive, because it seems like a relative simple to implement option. It also has a lot of torque which is nice when accelerating with a heavy bike.

What are your thoughts about this combination?
Is there an option to implement a walk assist until 6kmh(4 Mph) to compensate for the lack of feedback from the speed sensor at low speeds?
Can you program a maximum speed? (some sellers claim you can but its not clear for me)

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

For your information: i'm a mechanical engineering student with machining and welding experience so modifications won't be a problem. I also have some friends studying electrical engineering that can help me if i i'm having troubles with the electronics.


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Welcome to EBR @solar bakfiets! Sounds like a phenomenal project; might recommend that you go with the slightly larger 1000 watt system to power all the load you're putting on that bike. Question, are the lead acid batteries to store power from the panel? Those are going to add even more weight and don't have as much power density as a lithium setup would.

Many of the consoles that come with kits do have the ability to program speed or you may want to consider an aftermarket product like the Cycle Analyst which definitely allows you to control the speed and monitor a lot of the functions & performance of your kit. Looking forward to hearing more about your ebike.


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Hello ,

I like old tin .. great looking bike ... tell me ... what year might it be ?

and good luck with your project !