Solar Electric Charging Station for Ebikes

Phil Lawes

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Hi, my name is Phil, I work for Insoltech Solar and we've got a new product designed to provide power to electric cars and electric bikes that can be placed at businesses, city centers or parking lots.

We think that our solar electric charging station has features that are unique and are excited to answer any questions and spread the word about our new system. Please see attachment and contact us with any further questions you may have!


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Phil Lawes

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We are offering a solar electric charging station with features you probably won't find with other solar powered offerings. Please see attachment and contact us with any further questions you may have.
What I meant by "we" is I have a solar business since 1978 and have a couple of people help me with my projects. Thanks for asking


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Sounds like a neat product Phil. As I understand it, a business could put one of these in to provide a charging point for electric vehicles, including ebikes, and the extra energy would feed back into the establishment to help them lower their electricity bill. The benefits are two fold:
  1. Improved image (environmentally friendly) and added convenience for customers who charge cars or electric bikes
  2. Efficiently produced energy for the business itself when charge station is not being used (wondering what the payback period is here, how much are these stations?)
Here's the description from the PDF:
Solar Electric Charging Staions: In recent years the popularity of electric assist bicycles has grown immensely due to growing awareness of environmental issues and the price of gasoline, which has had more and more people seeking alternative means of transportation. However, with the expanded use comes a growing need to construct more recharging stations. By using solar modules to generate the power for these bicycles Insoltech Solar aims to provide an economical and ecologically benign solution.

Features: Stations can be fitted with solar modules that are architecturally superior with a temporary appeal allowing some light transmittance. Stations equipped with conventional outlets so that they can be used as a power source for recharging electronic devices along with all types of electric bicycles.

These same outlets can be equipped with backup capability in case of a power outage. The solar output is connected in parallel with the utility where grid power is available, so that when the solar output is insufficient on its own then utility power would make up the difference. When the charging stations are not in use then the power produced by the solar modules would feed into the establishment to help offset the electric bill.

  • Business & Public Parking Lots
  • College Campuses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Coffee Houses
  • City Centers
  • Festivals

Phil Lawes

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Thanks for the inquiry. You are correct in most of your assumptions. These charging stations are geared more for recharging electric bicycles and mobile electronics such as ipads etc.. These stations are meant to contain maybe four to six modules depending on the application. In order to have enough power to recharge electric cars you would need more modules. It can be done obviously, but requiring more area and at a greater cost. The price of these units would depend upon where they are to be located and how the modules are to be mounted. They could run anywhere from $8-10,000. They could also be designed to service remote areas where utility power is not available but at an additional cost, since they would need to incorporate additional devices such as batteries. Computing the payback period would require us knowing the location. Irradiance levels along with local utility rates are important factors to be considered.