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Good condition 2016 Cannondale Mavaro pedal assist ebike. Only selling as I upgraded to a new bike. It's got the Bosch Performance Line mid drive from before they split the Performance Line into the regular/speed versions. I have installed an Eplus Tuning speed unlocker so you can ride with the normal 20mph limit, set your own top speed, or just ride with no speed limiter. You can also view your power input (power meter) but the nicest thing is just being able to ride at 19-22mph without losing the assist. It's got freshly bled Magura MT4 brakes with lots of brake pad life left. New chain about 500 miles ago and still nowhere near 0.5% chain stretch. reflective sidewall Schwalbe Marathon Plus front and Little Big Ben rear tires in great condition. I haven't had a flat in 1000 miles since switching to these tires.
1x10 Shimano XT drivetrain
50mm Cannondale Headshok suspension fork.
Will come with basic platform pedals and I have a few saddles you can choose from.
It's got an upgraded 500wh Bosch battery that I bought just last year to get a little better range. Very few miles on this battery since COVID killed my need to commute.
Roughly 3300 miles on the bike.
Integrated head and tail lights that run from the Bosch battery.

The pictures are from when I bought the bike and did a photo shoot but I did modify where the headlight mounts. It is now mounted to the handlebar for better visibility to cars.

Super durable aluminum fenders with a rubber front fender extension to prevent water spray from splashing the drive unit (and your feet).

Could come with the Cirrus Cycles Kinekt suspension seatpost for the right price or I can keep it for a better deal.

No issues, just minor scratches/dings on the frame and wear marks on the rear rack from commuting. Comes with two keys and a 2amp Bosch charger. The bike is a size large (57cm) so you'll have to be at least 5'9" to fit it. This was a great bike to commute on. Comfortable with the front suspension but still has a semi aggressive riding position for a little better aerodynamics. I got about 25-30 miles of range using heavy assist riding around steep Seattle hills. This bike has excellent build quality and will last a very long time with regular maintenance.

$2200 obo, located in Burien, WA. Could ship at your expense.


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