Solid works rendering/animation of BROSE motor system

Ravi Kempaiah

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A neat video highlighting the features of BROSE motor system and what makes it smooth and silent.
I believe it's a solid works/3DS Max rendering but still a very nice animation.

From my personal experience, the motor just feels smooth and natural!
Brose allows little customization in terms of battery and motor construction than it's competitors like Bosch or Yamaha. As a result, you see some very aesthetic designs like the BH or BULLS with 600+ Whrs whereas the Bosch system is still at 500Whrs. Most Bosch powered bikes look the same except Moustache ( this is called Bosch syndrome in EU). Whereas, the flexibility offered by Brose allows manufacturers to integrate the motor in a much sleeker package.



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Nice! The more I ride my bulls, the more I like it. Rode up a pretty steep section of path by my house yesterday, first time I've really even heard the motor above a whisper - it is really quiet!