Solving which Ebike to buy/build has become a hobby


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I just took a guy from Sonoma, who has read everything on the internet for months, on a ride. He has also visited the bike shops for test rides. He was set on 750W. But was blown away by riding a correctly tuned 350 motor. He may end up going the 705W way, yet a good 350 is nice, and is still significantly more powerful than the expensive Euro builds at LBS. Less obtrusive batteries can still have eBike specific high quality BMS and have high quality cells at the same time. Good batteries can also be tidy.
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Yep, the 350 watt Ecottric changed my mind, it came with enough controller and a robust enough battery it would assist up the steepest hills without cutting out on the other hand I had a 500 watt and 48-350 watt bikes that would stall on the steep hills it took a good controller to correct them.People have a tendency to get caught up in the "HP" race as Kev Central said" pay more attention to how it performs"( some of them will surprise you) I had a heavy Maxfoot cruiser( good bike) that had a 750 watt Bafang motor, it seemed to "punch above its weight" 85 nm, I found out later the controller was a 25 amp version.


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Ahh, thank you 6zfshdb.. All way beyond my desired skill level to learn but interesting and incredible to think one could do that. I'm very impressed with those of you that understand electronic components well enough to do various things around ebikes. It seems that would give one a lot of choices.
Yes, just what we need. MORE choices !🤪