Some odds and ends

Mike Nemeth

I don't have much to say but the bike is running great. I had a flat though. Here in Las Vegas there is all kinds of branches, gravel, rocks on the the road not to mention glass and the Schwable Big Ben plus just handles it. I did run over a branch and a large thorn got stuck in the tire. I thought since I was so far from home I better leave it in so I don't loose the air I had left. Now the tire has a 3 mm Kevlar liner so I'm wondering if it was just stuck in the rubber and I pounded it through the liner driving the rest of the way home. I don't know. I do know the Big Bens have an extremely stiff side wall and you would need some steel tire bead breakers since it has a steel cord in the side wall like an automotive tire. I used to use plastic ones on my old bike but they wont work on these tire.

I went on a bicycle event Saturday. They built a new Interstate that bypasses Boulder City. Highway 11. It was only open to bicycle traffic that one day. Early morning since it is so hot here in the Summer. Most of the riders where die hard racing people with their special equipment and very expensive ultra light bikes. A lot of them snubbed me probably due to my bike. Well I kept up with them, passed them on the upgrades which where a total of 2000 feet, carried more water and put my bike on a kickstand at the water stop. I guess a kick stand would add too much weight to their bikes. I just have a totally different outlook on bicycle riding. I ride for enjoyment and to explore.

Also I'm looking to purchase a longer lift stem to bring the bars up an inch or two. I think I put too much weight on my hands and sometimes after a long ride I have some lack of feeling in my hands. I think the stem we have now is a little over 70 mm so I saw a 105 mm which should be enough.

One more thing I never received a remote lock out cable from E- Glide which is no big thing. I kinda screwed it up. I found the exact same one from Hong Kong for $4.91 and paid $1.94 to expedite shipping. Not a bad price.

Whenever I'm riding and I get a chance I'm always telling people how remarkable this electric bike is.