Some pics of my Electric Bike Company model C in the wild, and chained my seat


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On the chain part, I've never seen anything like that. Is that theft deterrent for the seat, or strictly decorative?
Hi Eric, yes to both. It never even crossed my mind how easy it is to walk away with a bike seat/post until I heard Court mention it in one of his videos. So I searched ways to secure bike seats and apparently kids from NYC have used this method for years and I think it also looks kinda cool too.
I went and got the Bodyfloat post so my butt's resting on about $325 total so I'm going to do "Something" similar pretty quick. Thanks for the inspiration!


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AWwww nice! that's gotta be some extra groovy crusin'; that's on my future bike-goals list

You sold me on the chaining the seat; I found a $10 Kryptonite cable and a combo lock; nothing to stop a serious thief but enough to keep the average viewer honest.


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I have an alarm jammed underneath the seat - - anybody tries to run off with it will not be able to do so unnoticed.