Some tasty upgrades to the ST2

First off I can't say enough great things about this bike. I've been a bike enthusiast going on 30 plus years and I can say this is one of the top 5 bikes I've ridden in my day. And I've owned a LOT! I've spend more on bikes than most have cars.

Want to share a few components I put on this weekend. New Shimano XT Med Cage Rear Derailleur - really nice and has the clutch so zero chain slap. Shimano Durace front Derailleur - much quicker shifting up front now. Shimano XT Shift Levers - The SLX shifters weren't bad but I just think the XT stuff is bomber. I also traded out the motorcycle style levers on the Maguras for the 2 finger versions - much more ergonomic and plenty of leverage. And last but not least - Schwabe Marathon GreenGuard 26x2.0 tires. The stock Schwabe's were comfortable but not much for performance. I found they would wash on me a bit when hard cornering and the not greatest for rolling. I've run the Marathons on my other commuter and find they are an outstanding all around tire and super flat resistant and like the added visibility with the reflective sidewalls.


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I agree I've had my St2 for about a year,and I'm still amazed how this bike rides. By far my fav. And to be my 1st E-bike, just makes it even better. I rode about 30 different models at the Demo Expo, nothing shifted as crisp . Sure like your mods. Great job.