Sondors’ Electric for Everyone campaign offers discounted e-bikes


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As the company explained in a statement sent to Electrek:
Storm Sondors, the creator of the award-winning Sondors Electric Bike, believes in an electric future so much he’s willing to wager his own company so everyone can afford a Sondors. That’s according to a new campaign, launched officially to the public today under the banner “#ElectricForEveryone,” and through which the company is offering the lowest entry price point ever to buy a Sondors Electric Bike with only $299 due upfront.
sondors fat bike

Of course, the $299 deposit is only the beginning, with the total price of the bikes ranging from $799 to $1,699
depending on how fancy of a Sondors model you’re after. Here’s the list below with current sale prices:

  • SONDORS THIN: $799.00
  • SONDORS FOLD X: $999.00
  • SONDORS X: $999.00
  • SONDORS MXS: $1,699.00
  • SONDORS XS: $1,699.00
  • SONDORS FOLD XS: $1,699.00