Sondors or RadRover


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whoops just saw bernies post, i went a little bit further forward from the seat on my rover because that is where i am standing over ...

had a friend ride the 2015 rover this past week and she is 5'4" , she did pretty good but stopping etc is not fun
i put on a plain seatpost and we had it all the way down and still she is really having to tilt the bike over pretty far at stops
if i was 5'2"i would go with the mini or the mariner
that being said the mini is overall a pretty good sized bike itself, havent measured them but think it is as long as the rover...

i rode the mini because the pas etc was messing up and was trying to get some watt numbers etc to give to rad power
had a suntour suspension seatpost on it and rode at least 15 miles on gravel, dirt, trail type stuff and thought it was pretty decent comfort wise

the rover is better but i did not find the mini to be bad at all
and think we had the tires aired up a little too high for off road and still not bad