Sondors shipped to EU as 350 watts or 250w: November 2016 update situation


Greetings everyone,

Since I couldn't find definitive information about the exact version that Sondors is shipping to Europe:
- Is it the 350 watts or 250w motor ?
- Is the speed limited to 20 mph / 32 kmh (US specs) or 16 mph / 25 kmh by hardware or software ?

I contacted Sondors Sales Support and here's the summary copy/pasted from email exchanges with Nick so this could benefit other EU potential buyers looking for the information.
Please note that, as indicated in the thread title, this information is valid on November 2016.

Email #1 -> My questions Nov-11-2016:
"- Are you shipping the 350 watts off-road version or only the 250w road ?
- Is the LCD detachable for theft protection ?"

Email #1 -> Sondors' Nick answers Nov-11-16:
"- Currently, we only have the 350 motor available for all SONDORS customers, so it is up to you to decipher laws specific to use in your country of residence.
- Unfortunately the LCD does not have a quick release plug to detach it from the mounting bracket. To remove, a screwdriver would be needed."

Email #2 -> My additional question Nov-11-16:
"- So to be clear: if I place an order for an Original Custom to Sweden, I will get the 350 watts engine with max-speed of 20mph (US road specs) and it will not be factory-limited (by hardware or software) to 250 watts with max-speed of 16mph (EU road specs) ?"

Email #2 -> Sondors' Nick answer Nov-11-16:
"- That is correct reading the 350w, 20mph."

I haven't decided to make the jump yet since I just bought a BH Nitro City Speed-Elec, but this sure looks very tempting and 20mph/32kmh is darn fast already.

In any case, I hope this thread will be useful for other EU potential buyers of Sondors.

And kudos to Nick@Sondors for being super-fast at replying precisely to my questions.