Sondors XS is on the way


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I ordered may 30th for July delivery, got it the 1st week of September, not saying yours would be late, because maybe they caught up by now, but technicalities with, shipping from China allows it up
How are you liking your Sonders Rob?

Tone Rob

First off, the bike is bigger and heavier then you see in videos and pictures, but man, Oh shizzle. When you get use to it, totally awesome


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Nice. I'm 6' 2' 230. Bigger is better for me. Looking forward to seeing some pics of yours posted. Have a good one


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well received my XS friday before last and man this thing rocks. I've been riding back and forth to work each day with some casual rides on the weekends. only 50+ miles so far and no issues to speak of. Oh, got a flat this past friday and fixed it at work. need to invest in some flat protection since the tires are pretty thin. very, very happy with my purchase and Sondors was just about right on time with my shipping estimate.